Care for my pet.

We offer the most affordable Boarding rates in Pocatello.

Our staff is attentive and knowledgeable.
Your pet is treated like family from the minute they are left in our care, to the moment you arrive to take them home.
We have the largest indoor/outdoor runs in the area allowing your dogs to play and socialize with other dogs without the risks of injury associated with one-on-one contact with dogs they are not familiar with.
We also offer Doggy Day Car for those pets that can't be left home alone.
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Groom my pet.

Face it, hair grows.

We specialize in making your pet "portrait ready."
We groom all breeds, and specialize in large heavy-coated breeds.
Our staff is highly skilled, gentle and caring.
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2141  Bannock Hwy.
Pocatello, ID  83204
Tel (208) 232-5228
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